Meet The Owners

Todd and Maria have achieved a perfect partnership of complimentary professional experiences.

Maria Dalebroux

As owner and Chief Operations Officer of Poparuba, Maria brings over 25 years of extensive experience, passion and knowledge in food and beverage sales. She began her food industry career as an entrepreneur by owning her own restaurant and catering company. Before devoting full-time to growing Poparuba with fellow foodie and brother Todd, she spent 17 years as a successful sales manager with United Natural Foods Incorporated (UNFI), the world’s largest distributor of natural products. With UNFI she consistently achieved top sales rankings and in 2019 performed in the top 1% of the entire company. Maria possesses a deep understanding of key stakeholders, distribution channels and has a vast network of contacts in all aspects of the food industry including retail stores, e-commerce and food service sales, as well as relationships with conventional distributors including Sysco and US Foods. Her clients and coworkers often describe her as an outgoing, caring ally who always manages to get the job done.


Todd Dalebroux

Todd’s experiece comes from the Ad Agency side, with a background is in Marketing and Packaging Design.

As the Chief Visionary Officer of Poparuba, Todd has been helping great brands of all shapes and sizes tell their story for over 30 years. Todd started his career as the Design Director at General Mills and led design efforts for the Betty Crocker and Big G Cereal divisions. Before devoting full-time to growing Poparuba with fellow foodie and sister Maria, he spent 17 years as creative director building and leading a diverse, highly talented creative team of designers, production artists, information systems specialist and resource managers at BAKER Design. He is the ultimate business-minded creative director, having built and evolved the technological infrastructure of BAKER to support the agency’s creative development and production processes for clients such as Kraft Foods, Hershey, Bauer, Nabisco, Hormel, Nestlé, Flowers Foods, 3M, Sun Products, Pinnacle Foods, and many others brands.

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